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IMAGINE being pain FREE

Gentle and Effective Massage that finds the source of your Pain

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Focus On Your Body's
Individual Needs

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Pain Relief

My name is Tiffany Rhodes and I created Bodywork Essentials to help people reduce pain and bring their bodies back into alignment. The human body is an amazing creation and, given the appropriate support, can heal and rejuvenate itself. 

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Massage Therapy Tampa Fl

We live in a very stressful world.  Whether you sit at a computer all day or do physical work - you are constantly using your body and mind - which creates stress on them.  Combine our working stress with today’s constant bombardment of attention grabbing electronics - we are often overworked, overstimulated, and do not have, or take, the downtime that we need in order to function at our best. I work to create the space and support your body needs to rejuvenate itself and bring you back to a place where you can operate as you are meant to.  I want to help you achieve balance and to be able to move, work, and play in a pain-free way.  Over the years, I have honed my skills and learned techniques that are designed to work WITH your body, and to support it in coming back to normal functioning.  Imagine being pain free. 

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Clearwater Massage Therapy
for Pain Relief

I create customized therapeutic massage therapy that works on a deeper level and with powerful results.  Pain relief is achieved by applying proven techniques to your specific issue.  Experience relief from:

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Tennis elbow

  • Tendonitis

  • Cervical injuries

  • Lower back 

  • Sciatic pain

  • Arthritis

  • Knee Pain

  • Post surgery therapy

  • Pregnancy

  • Scoliosis

I focus on your individual needs by listening first, and then customizing massage techniques to address your body's concerns.

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Spinal Touch

My Clearwater massage practice specializes in Spinal Touch, a bio-mechanical technique that includes positional release, energy work, and light touch. This is a massage very similar to the Logan Method - a non-invasive and gentle technique that works really well for those experiencing chronic stress, injuries, and pain. During a session, I use gentle touch and specific points along the spine to re-align the neuro-muscular system back to baseline.  Spinal Touch works in a holistic manner that targets the foundation of how the body works.  Focusing on the L5-S1 area which is the area that creates balance in your body, I work to guide the body back to realignment through gentle yet powerful touch which changes the pattern of stress and pain.  By working with the body, and focusing on your compensating patterns, spinal touch allows self-healing to begin. Your body will find balance without forced correction.  In doing so, it alleviates both acute and chronic pain by lessening chronic muscle tension, improving circulation, and relaxing the entire body.

Craniosacral Therapy for Anxiety


Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a technique that is very similar to Ortho Bionomy in that it uses positioning and gentle touch to help the body balance. This light touch massage therapy technique uses precise touch to examine membranes and movement of the central nervous system fluids.   The CranioSacral System consists of the brain, spinal cord, membranes and fluid within it.  The fluid has a cadence to its movement, similar to how the heart beats or the ocean tides move.  When something disrupts that flow, it causes imbalance.  When you experience stress or anxiety, the central nervous system kicks into gear.  If that stress is not released or dealt with in a positive manner, it impacts your health. Stress and Anxiety can cause headaches, digestive problems, general aches & pains, and restricted breathing. Craniosacral therapy is also a successful alternative therapeutic technique for management of anxiety and is effective on all ages, including babies and children. 


Mind, body, and spirit are all connected.  People who receive craniosacral therapy often report clearer thinking and feeling more grounded and connected to their body.  Multiple studies have shown that massage activates the body’s system for overcoming stress, decreasing stress hormone levels, and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels.  

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Visceral Manipulation Massage

Visceral manipulation (aka Visceral massage) focuses on your organs, particularly your abdomen.  Visceral Massage is an effective treatment for digestive disorders such as IBS, hiatal hernia, SIBO, bloating or constipation, and can also improve back pain and reduce stress.


Organs are meant to be soft and need freedom of movement inside your body to function effectively.  When they are overburdened or damaged from surgeries,

 they simply do not do the job as well as they are designed to.  Sometimes organs can even develop adhesions which makes them more rigid. Visceral manipulation involves gentle manipulation of the organs to increase the natural movement.  Once released, you may notice benefits in other areas of your body.  Nerves connect organs to muscles and limbs and when one part of the body is released, the entire body shifts towards wellness. 

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Foot Massage
Tampa Florida

Reflexology is often more readily thought of, but both reflexology and Foot Zoning rely on the same principles. Reflexology uses points on hands, ears, head and feet, while foot zoning focuses on the feet.  An additional difference is that Reflexology tends to focus on symptoms, while foot zoning is more holistic in nature.  Each session utilizes direct pressure on certain parts of your feet.  This signals other parts of your body, through the central nervous system, to begin healing. Your body is an entire system, and foot zoning works under that premise.  Every part and system of your body is mapped out and addressed during a session so that the body can find that balance and holistic healing space to restore functioning.  Foot Zone Therapy is a great tool to not only discover areas of dysfunction, but to relieve pain.  It is another restorative massage technique.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is an important part of your body’s immune system, and is made up of many lymph nodes connected via lymph vessels.  When you have surgery or illness, fluid can get clogged up at these different points.  This is why you might have swollen lymph nodes in your neck when you have a cold.  But swelling can happen in many areas of the body.  Lymphatic massage can help to move that fluid along so that it drains as it is supposed to.


Lymphatic massage helps the body maintain proper blood circulation, immune function, and body fluid balance.   Swelling often occurs after illness or medical treatments.  Massage post surgery often involves lymphatic drainage and can speed recovery time.  Lymphatic drainage massage has been found to be beneficial for Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), and any kind of lymphedema (swelling).


Regardless of whether you have a particular problem area, or just need general stress relief, I can help.  I have a holistic approach to therapeutic massage.  If you need more than one type of modality, I can create a unique experience for you in one of my  integrative massage sessions.

A Natural Healer
"Tiffany possesses intuitive abilities that locate the root of the issue and allows the healing process to begin.  When injured and in pain, I turn to her healing hands first.  She has initiated my recovery from several injuries with amazing results. Any recommendation on my part will fall short of her actual abilities.  An experience one must judge for themselves.  A body work session with Tiffany is truly one of the best gifts you can give yourself."

Suzie Lyn LeMacks


Tiffany is a Miracle Worker
"She has helped me through many difficult times in life. She has a powerful healing energy and the foot massages feel like heaven. I am sad that she is so far away now! I hope those of you in Germany who live near her can take advantage of having her close to you. The gift of healing that she has to share with the world is tremendous!"

Louise Hunt McCleve

"I Hurt so bad and Tiffany took that right away.  I will definitely go to her again."

Ryan Buxton


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Essential oils are an important part of my practice. I choose an oil or a combination of oils to use during your session that will help bring balance to your body.

Essential Oils have been used for centuries to heal and rejuvenate both mind and body.   Oils can be used for a variety of purposes - relaxation, pain management and improved mood.  Adding an essential oil to your massage enhances your experience and the effectiveness of the treatment.

the highest quality of essential oils available
Essential oils have healing properties
Purchase your therapeutic grade oils for an affordable price in my office

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